A Typical Gibson

The Gibson are a Cybernetically Infused Alien Race that reside within the Taintedsaw Universe.  Originally a weak race of inferior specimens, the Gibson were nearly all but extinct before four seperate Aliens from destroyed Planets formed together and saved the Gibson.  After bionic implants were introduced into the natural DNA of the Gibson, they began being born more superior than their ancestors, making use of advanced technology and eventually becoming a fierce Empire.  The Gibson are currently involved in the Intergalactic War, fighting for dominance with the Dyneffians.  The Gibson are also responsible for the creation of the Manta Beasts.


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The Gibson sport natural green skin, ranging from bright to extremely muted, red or white eyes and black lips.  They are extraordinary tall and muscular in appearance, towering over the many other races that reside in the Taintedsaw Universe.  The Gibson Gods began manipulating the Gibson's DNA with Bionic Implants that after thousands of years, began to be reproduced naturally through reproduction.  All Robotic Parts of the Gibson are living, able to recieve pain and cause the subject to die if removed.