Rex is modelled after actor Jake Gyllenhaal

"Rex Lincoln is a comicbook thug with an extended backstory, whatever heart or emotion he has is burried deep inside behind his relentless fight"

'- 'Teddy Conway's perception of Rex

Rex Barnaby Lincoln is a fictional character created by Dan J. Hawkins.  He is the main character and protagonist of the series and has appeared in all 15 of Hawkins' books.

A former member of the Juggernaut Battalion during the Blue War, Rex went on to become a main character in his own series of adventures that led him from an honest Soldier into a borderline insane criminal and into the Secret Agent he now is.  He now works as a secret division "Soldier" working for ZOOM in their S.C.C. Unit (Second Chance Criminals).  Rex was essential in bringing an end to the Terrorist Organization; Vile.


Rex was born in Road Island and later moved to Crime Central at the age of sixteen.  Living in Crime Central was hard for Rex but he found solace in his family and with his best friend Paulie Swift.  The two were apparently unseperable in their youth and would often engage in Gang fights that would land them both in Jail.  At the age of twently Rex moved to Ireland where he joined the local police force.  Rex was fired only a year into service when he beat a rapist to death which resulted in a court case and a banishment from Ireland.

It is alluded to that Rex's parents were murdered sometime after he returned from Ireland but has never been fully revealed.  It is also stated that Rex was involved and went to prison for two years afterwards.  He was in prison during the Owver Visit and was transported to a Safe Camp for three years which would mean he had been in quarentine for five years.  After the Puring of the Manta Beasts in 2003, Rex returned to Hawcross Central where he reunited with Paulie.  After this Rex got a job as a Security Officer at a well respected Corporation.  After only two months working there he found out about the Business' dirty dealings with criminals and informed authorities which led to their downfall.  For this he was beaten severley and put in hospital.  Palie apparently got revenge by running Rex's former boss over in a car.

At some point the two both enlisted in the United States Military and quickly rose in rank.  The two were then enlisted in a special task force where they foiled several terrorist groups through the years.  In 2012, one year after both the United States and the United Kingdom had engaged in war with Blue City, Rex and Paulie both proved themselves as assets to their military and were entered into the Juggernaut Battallion under the leadership of Charlie Juggernaut.

Psychodom! -

Rex is first introduced during the Dark War against Blue City.  Rex is a soldier and a member of the Juggernaut Battallion under Charlie Juggernaut, a veteran General.  Charlie has been tasked with leading his own personal strike force against the forces of Blue City.  Rex along with his fellow Juggernauts, Paulie Swift, Drake Butcher, Riot, Disappointed and Mallice are all well trained soldiers and have gained entry into the Battallion for bravery.  It is also noted that all emmbers have killed various mutants from within Blue City.

The Juggernauts are dropped into the midst of the war and given permission to take any means nessicary to wipe out Blue City and kill Marko, the "King Mutant" who has disconnected from Blue City's Government. We catch up with the Juggernaut Battallion three years into the War.  They have been succesful in staying alive and have become somewhat famous to anyone that crosses their way.  Over time the team and come quite close and Rex is one such soldier that has proved himself many times over.

At one point the team meet the Blue Thorns, a group of female assasains that have been doing just the same thing through out the war.  The two teams clash and all the Juggernauts are tricked and beaten unconcious.  They awake tied up and being robbed by the Blue Thorns just before Drake manages to break free of his bonds and holds one of teh females hostage.  Suddenly a group of Blue City Soldier storm the Barn and begin an assault on both teams.  Working togeather, the soldier are killed and the Battallion part ways from the Blue Thorns.

Rex takes centre stage after this when he begins revealing more about his past and growing up to his fellow Juggernauts.  The next day, the group come across a bunch of civillians trapped in a house while an attack team of Blue City Soldiers are burning the house down.  The Juggernauts provide cover while a group of English Soldiers storm the House and save the civillians, however the bridge beneath them breaks and they fall into a trench. 

Rex speeds to the rescue and saves the soldiers and civillians by creating a second bridge and pulling them all out of the trench.  Rex was however unable to rescue one particular soldier who was shot in the leg at the risk of everyone else.  The Soldier's brother quarrels with Rex about this and damns him for letting his brother die.That night, the soldier and his brother attempt to kill Rex in his sleep but the plan is thwarted by Charlie who had predicted the attack would happen.  Rex opens up to Charlie but is unaware that Charlie has been stabbed in the process.

Over two weeks later and the Juggernauts have located Marko by accident.  The team is caught off guard but begin an assault on him and his mutant minions.  After an epic fight, the attack failed and the Juggernauts retreat.  Riot, Disappointed and Mallice however are captured and executed, something Drake tries to prevent but is captured himslef.  Rex and Paulie then go ahead and rescue Drake before Marko can kill him, something Drake detests and further strains his and Rex's relationship.

Just after the failed attack, the team are greeted by Teddy Conway, a soldier working for the American President himself.  Teddy has been ordered to find the Juggernats and ordered them to return back to the Border where they learn that Blue City has been defeated and Marko is no longer of any concern.  They are then instructed to get to the "Shut-off-Zone" to aid in the securing off Blue City and fight it's inhabitants behind a giant wall that is now being built.

At the Shut-off-Zone, the Juggernauts engage in a fire fight but are succesful in fighting off Blue City.  The wall is closed and Blue City is defeated.  Shortly after, the four of the remaining Juggernauts are working along the empty war zone to make sure there are no survivors.  The team are ambushed by mutants and engage in a brawl.  In a daring last attempt to kill them, Charlie sacrifices himslef by jumping on the Mutant's vehicle and securing a bomb to make sure the mutants don't remove it.  Rex watches in horror as his friend and leader is blown to smitherines in his last heroic act.

Rex, Paulie and Drake have a final last drink that night in the midst of the citory party.  They recieve word that Marko was killed by a civillian named Diablus and their mission to kill him was indeed a fail.  The president Microft refuses to speak with the trio, but theya re instead greeted by the british Prime Minister, Peter McFarlane who thanks them for their duties and rewards them a medal.

The Starving Bloodlust

While on leave from the Juggernaut Battalion, Rex is receiving therapy sessions to get over his post traumatic stress from the war.  His therapist advices him to go on the road and visit friends and family.

His travels take him to the lower outskirts of Hawcross Crime Central where he stumbles upon his old home in ruins, Paulie Swift's family taken hostage by the Starving Cult who are threatening to execute them in order to appease their Gods.  Rex teams up with his friend, Paulie and aids in an all out Gang War.  Rex joins the Tahhm Gang and delves deep into the secrets of Crime Central where he discovers the Starving Cult's twisted past and their history of sacrifices and war in the name of their Gods; spearheaded by their maniacal High Priest: Cotton.

Rex also becomes romantically involved with Lisa Robson, a fellow resident of Crime Central.  At one point she is captured by the Starving Gang when they see him and her together.  Rex and Paulie infiltrate the Starving's Base and rescue her.  Paulie later introduces Rex to the Tahmm Gang leader Antwerpen who sees a lot of potential in Rex and allows him to lead the Gang against the Straving.

After a gruelling all out street war, Rex finds and injures Cotton, in the process of gloating, Cotton puts a curse on Rex's life moments before Rex kills him.  With the Gang War ended and Paulie's family safley rescued, Rex thanks his friend for returning him to a world of action.  Rex toys with leaving Lisa behind but they share another night togeather.  The next day the two depart from Crime Central and hit the road.  As they are passing over a bridge a group of surviving Starving members drive their car off into the lake below.

Rex manages to save Lisa and kill of the Straving members.  Taking Lisa to the hospital, Rex decides to leave her there instead of bringing her into a world of danger.  Rex leaves without telling her and drives off back to Hawcross.

Prisoner 16 -


Prisoner 16

Over two years later and Rex is now working for the Government in a top secret Research Facility in the Tropic Jungles of the Amazon.  Things take a turn for the worse when his team is tasked with keeping an eye on a secret Crate labeled "Prisoner 16".  Immediatley things go wrong when one of Rex's team mate's is infected by the Prisoner and begins attacking everyone.  Forced to lock him up, Rex realizes that the Prisoner is a Genetic Experiment that begins hypnotizing the team mates into killing each other.  After a brutal fight, the remaining team mates are forced to protect their minds from hypnosis with led helmets, but things once again go wrong when the Prisoner escapes and starts attacking the survivors.

By night's end, Rex and one other team mate have survived and finally kill the Prisoner.  After being rescued and taken back to Hawcross, Rex insists that the Prisoner be incinerated but is told it is too important.  Rex later realizes the Prisoner has escaped and engages in a hunt for the Prisoner through Hawcorss.  Finally he defeats the creature by throwing it off of a skyscraper.  Rex is rewarded for his heroics and told to keep the whole ordeal a secret.

In the Darkness -

Set only a few months after his defeat of Prisoner 16, Rex is being eased back into Government Field Work by acting as a Bodyguard for political officials.  On one such occassion he has been appointed to safeguard the Primeminister and his wife as they make a deal with criminals in order for the return of their kidnapped daughter.  The deal is to be made in a secluded castle in the outskirts of a small village.

The Criminals bring exit a large black van and enter the castle with the girl handcuffed at their side.  They reveal they have a toxic chemical which they have derived from a group of Prisoners they are meant to be transporting to Blue City.  The Grime Tribe have been experimented on and their blood is now toxic and poisonous, the criminals threatening that they will inject it into the girl if they are not paid their ransom.

The deal goes awry however when one of the criminals identifies Rex as a member of the Juggernaut Battalion and remembers that he was responsible for his brother being killed during the war when Rex refused to rescue him at the risk of over 50 other humans being killed in the process.  The criminals let loose the toxic chemical and forcibly inject it into the Primeminister's daughter.  All hell unfolds when the daughter starts splurging vomit and chemicals at her family and the criminals.  After a brutal and gore soaked shoot-out, Rex is left fighting for his life once again.

While teaming up with the last surviving Criminal, Rex learns that teh Grime Tribe were being transported to Blue City as a means to infect and kill all Blue City Inhabitants for good.  Rex is furious to learn that because of his presence at the Castle that he has prevented this and engages in a brawl with the criminal until Rex gouges his eyes out and awaits the Infected.

After trying to reason with the deranged Primeminister, Rex is forced to murder him and massacre the entire ensemble of infected maniacs.  Come the morning, Rex is visited the local Police Force who arrest him.  However, Rex is once again put into a world of terror when one of the Police Officers breaks open the Criminal's Black Van which inadvertidally releases the Grim Tribe Members who begin attacking and infecting the police officers.  In the ensuing chaos, Rex is knocked into the nearby swamp, the van following after him...

Dark Days -

Picking up immediatley where we left off, Rex is pulled under in the current of a car explosion.  However, after finding his footing on a deep tree root, Rex climbs into the tree and escapes out of the swamp thropugh the hallow of the stump and hides from his persuers.

Rex is once again forced back into the saftey of the Castle.  After a lengthy battle, Rex is persued into the nearby town surrounding which leads to the towns people being infected and butchered in the on going attack.  News of the dilema hits the rest of Hawcross which results in the surrounding area being closed off in quarentine.  Rex fends off the infected inside a residential home, receiving help from the home owners.  After being forced out of the House, Rex is picked up by several SWAT members stuck inside the town who all travel to an abandoned warehouse where they reside within for several days.

After one of the SWAT members goes insane and opens the doors to the warehouse, the Warehosue is infested and Rex along with one other SWAT member escape into the underground sewers where they make a break for the Railway Station.  Hotwiring a train, they make an escape and break through the town barriers until the train is derailed.  Falling unconcious, Rex is among many dead bodies that are carted away in the "Garbage Planes" and air dropped into the archaic world of Blue City.

Blue Monday -

"I was put on this Earth for one good reason, problem is - there ain't nothin' good about me".

- Rex trying to intimidate Diablus and his Righters.

Once again picking up where we left off, Rex wakes up in a pit of dead bodies, being fed to rabid monstrous dogs.  Fighting his way out, Rex alerts attention to himself and is immediatley attacks by Gang Members who Rex just about escapes.  Running amock through the dessert ruins of the once great city, Rex realizes his location and immediatley tries to flag down the Garbage Plane to pick him up but is mistaken for a Blue City Resident trying to shoot it down.  This draws the attention of a gang of "Righters" (Residents of Blue City united as Soldiers trying to fight off the Gangs) and taken back to their Fort.

Blue monday

The Storming of the Righter's Fort

After a lengthy interogation at the Fort, Diablus; the leader of the Righters determine that Rex could be of some use to them and trick him into thinking there is a way out of Blue City through an underground Mine System.  Diablus tells this to Rex this as they planted bombs there years prior to kill the Gangs but the plan failed when the nearby Damn collapsed and prevented any reason for the Gangs to go down that way.  With Rex gathering so much attention to himself, the Gangs would follow him into the trap.

Over the course of Rex's journey through Blue City he is subjected to dozens of attacks from enemy Gangs, mutated men, a breif battle under a lake against mer people and even thrown into a Gladiator Pit to do battle with some of the more ferocious inhabitants of Blue City.  After fighting his way out, Rex finally makes his way to the Mines only to find the trap set for him and the Gangs.  With them closing in on him quickly, Rex engages in a brawl with the Gang leader and purposley sets of the bombs which allows him to evade them.

Stealing one of their Robot Horses, Rex travels back through the city and unleashes the mutants and under dwellers from the Gladiator Prisons and allows them to storm into the Righters Fort and start a full on battle.  With the Gangs following straight in for vengeance against the Righters, Rex takes his place in the battle killing as many residents as he can.  By the battles brutal high point, Rex murders Diablus and blows up the Righters Fort for good measure.

In the ensuing chaos, Rex manages to escape Blue City when a TANK Helicopter comes overhead.  Rex hijacks it but is shot down as it is leaving the City Walls.  Upon awakening he sees he is now in the outskirts of Hawcross Central, it's Officers surrounding him with guns.  A blood soaked Rex suddenly bursts into tears of laughter with an insanity setting in.  Falling to the ground weeping as he knows the nightmare still continues.

Keeping Our Sins -

The Difference between Hawcross and Hawcross Central is that Central is pretty much it's own state.  They have their own laws, their own jurisdiction and their own advancements within technology (stolen from teh Owvers), far superior to the rest of the world, because of this they have become a hate state.  Central hates any intervention from the outside world and treat TANK and the rest of the Government like terrorists.  With Rex now in their hands and in their prison, it's safe to say that he's not just walking back to home base.

Central make a call to the Government and try to bargain for Rex's life only to find that because of the events that have led Rex into this situation he is now wanted on the accounts of murdering the primeminister, the outbreak of a virus and the destruction of Blue City.  Unwilling to give up such a criminal, Central refuse any offers and close transmissions.  Being tortured for days on end, Central leader Microft Roulette makes a deal with Rex that the only way he's getting out alive is to do a little work for them.

Forced into being a criminal, Rex is sent on several assasination missions but refuses to do his target is a 13 year old boy who has been hacking into Central's mainframe.  Rex is then pursued by Central's SWAT Force, a pack of deadly killer robots.  Being pursued by them through Central, Rex finally escapes capture and exits into main land Hawcross where Central's jurisdiction ends.  However, one robot refuses to stay within boundaries and crosses the line, this results in all out war between Central and Hawcross.

With the robots now free to chase after Rex, he makes his way to Hawcross Crime Central where he is saved by Paulie Swift and his old comrades of the Tahmm Gang.  Giving him ammunition and a little back up, Rex makes his way to Government House to try and explain everything to his Employer only to be attacked on sight.  Escaping capture again, Rex finally accepts his new role as a fugitive and goes all out to take down Central's main base of operations.  After entering the tower, Rex kills Microft with a sniper and destroys all their structures of power, bringing down Centrall all togeather.

Two days later, walking through the rubble, Rex is greeted by new soldiers, gangs taking control of the new world up for grabs.  They order any person they find that to be permitted to live in the New World that he must prove he can kill and he will be marked after.  Rex chooses his target and locates his Government Director, shooting him down in a public library.  Rex is marked and walks off into the ruins of Hawcross.

New world

New World

Evacuate Blackrood High

Some five years since the destruction of both Hawcross and Central and the birth of New World, Rex has made quite the reputation for himself and is living in a shack in the lesser violent parts of New World.  This horrifying new existance looking like something from an 80's Meatloaf Album Cover!  Mutants running amok, underdwellers controlling the skies, radioactive supermen killing anything in sight, hellish robots and "Death Patrolers".

However the word comes in finally that New World is coming to an end, after Hawcross has stabilized their Government and directing their attention to restoring the once great Nation, they are sending in extermination squads to wipe out the criminals within and restore order.  There is only one chance, the gigantic old school building of Blackrood High is being turned into a safe zone for any innocent citizens still stranded within New World that seek rescue.  Rex jumps at the chance and decides to make the hellish jorney to Blackrood High.

Rex travels through hell and battles through Mutant Samuri Giants, the trenches of a battle between the Mutants and Death Patrolers, battleing his way through ruins of buldings until he reaches the battle front as Exerminators are fighting it out with the monstrous inhabitants of New World.  Rex eventually finds himself trapped within the stronghold of a huge Castle which is the home of a gigantic Mutant Monster which Rex eventually slays.


The Purging of New World

Teaming up with several terrified human soldiers who have been living in hiding since the creation of New World, Rex secures an alibi for himself to get evacuated from Blackrood High.  With his new team mates, Rex leads the way through the underground subway fighting off underdwellers until they reach Blackrood.  However things have taken a turn for the worse as the Extermination Squad is going all out to make sure no mutants or criminals reach the evacuation zone.  Another battle begins as Rexy and his team mates are pursued through the huge structures of Blackrood High, narrowly escaping death when the Extermination Squad lets loose a huge robotic lizzard to purge the High of any criminals.

Finally Rex aids several Extermination Soldiers in fighting off the Mutants.  With this, he is one of 20 citizens rescued from Blackrood High in a Plane.  As they pass into New World they see the air strike drop and obliterate anyone left inside.  Finally back at Hawcross, Rex is stopped by several TANK soldiers who take him to the new TANK Director.  One Extermination Soldier remarks that Rex helped save their lives and deserves freedom.  The Director proposes Rex do one final job for them in order to have his criminal record dropped.  Rex sighs in disbelief and accepts the offer with a handshake.

Evacuate the Riot Island -

While awaiting instructions, Rex is sitting in a Prison Waiting Room.  Suddenly a riot breaks out Rex immediatley walks head on into the conflict.  He broke up the riot and secured the Guards' saftey.  With this, Teddy Conway, a high ranking TANK Director recruited Rex and began his trail. He was chosen to be part of a new programme called the S.C.C. Unit in TANK's lowest division of operations. The Unit was an experiment to see if the dangerous criminals entered into the programme could prove benificial by thinking like a criminal would and use their years of experience to think outside the box. They are never to perform acts of violence outside the line of duty and only on assignments.

Rex along with all of his co-workers were put through psychological interviews and all deemed fit for service, being reformed criminals, none were considered too dangerous or unstable and therefor able to commit acts of violence without having to answer to the law.

After many months of training the select group were sent to infiltrate Ockaw Prison, the most dangerous jailhouse in Hawcross which was situated on the Riot Island.  A Riot had broken out and all the guards killed. Although still trapped in the gigantic prison, the inmates were still running wild. Rex's unit managed to get inside and return the majority of the inamtes back to their cells with only minor casualties; none of which to themselves.  Rex is granted a pardon for his "crimes" and permitted to live in Hawcross.

The Unit was a sucess and given permission to operate on the field on missions considered unfit to be handeled by TANK's other operating units and War Divisions.  Rex and his fellow team mates were codenamed the "Soldiers" and given permission to use whatever force they feel nessicary.

Although never specifically stated it is implied that Rex and several of his co-workers were subjected to various experimental drugs in the start of their career which gave them heightened senses. Rex has also demonstrated considerable strength on several occasions in the prison which may also be a result of the drugs that were ladeled into his body.

Witches Falls -

Over a year later and Rex's career at TANK is in full swing.  After returning from one such assignment with his co worker Izzy Bragg.  Upon returning back to HQ, Rex is given a special assignment.  His job: he must venture into Witches Falls, an old village in which multiple murders have been occurring as well as the kidnapping of several citizens and children.  There is an young Witch named Delilla that has been arrested and being held responsible for the events needs to be taken back to Hawcross for questioning.

Upon arriving in Witches Falls, Rex is given a bad greeting as would anyone recently escaping from New World.  Rex is immediatley met with greif when two assasins dressed in cloaks calling themselves the Grim Reaper and Death make attack.  Rex engages in battle and manages to kill both.  Rex is complimented for killing them and it is revealed they are "grabbers" who have been kidnapping children and elderly.

Rex is taken to see Dililla who he immediatley warms to.  Not understanding how an young girl could be behind this and why there are still murders occuring, Rex investigates the Village.  That night, Rex is awoken by the murder of a citizen, after chasing the culprit, Rex meets Richmond, a hug muscular man with a Red Sack on his head.  The two engage in battle before they fall through a Sand Dune which leads to a whole underground Town.  The Town is full of kidnapped children and Elderly that are being sacrificed.  The culprit is Edwina, another Witch who has been using the blood for her victims and drinking it to perform rituals.

Rex is persued through out the secret Town and is finally captured.  Thrown into a Colliseum, Rex battles against Richmond in a fierce and brutal fight.  Being defeated, Rex is thrown into a prison cell.  Hours later he is rescued by a mysterious woman.  Upon awakening he is in a caravan and the woman is revealed as Lisa Robson, Rex's former lover who has been living in Witches Falls.

With the help of Lisa, Rex tries to explain to the townspeople that Delilah is being framed but is ignored.  The escorts from Hawcross arrive and take Delilah away in a prison van.  Remaining in Witches Falls, Rex pleads with several towenspeople to follow him to the underground Town only to find everyone there gone and the prisoners dead.  Upon arriving back at the town centre they find all the citizens murdered, being ambushed by Edwina's Followers, Rex fights for his life only to find Lisa murdered.  Enraged, Rex kills all the followers he can.  After interogatting one, Rex finds out that Delilah is in fact Edwina's daughter and the plan wasn't to frame her it was to prevent her from escaping to Hawcross so she could be sacrificed to Edwina.

Deducing that Delilah is the next target Rex races frantically as the Prison Van is driven off the road.  Saving Delilah's life, Rex orders her to get to the Village Bridge and explain what has happened to the rest of the Hawcross Soldiers stationed there.  Finding Edwina's current location, Rex travels to the bottom of Witches Water Fall and kills off her followers and manages to evade her spells.  However, being no match for her powers, Rex is rescued by TANK Soldiers who arrive to aid him.  Edwina is defeated and escorted away to Hawcross Prison.  Rex says goodbye to Delilah and proudly returns home.

Blade House Resort -

"We've always fought, for what we thought, was more than worth Untimely death;  We often cried, and sometimes died, but never got that which we sought.  'Yet still again-- Perhaps in vain-- We'll fight and strive-- While we're alive".

- Jerry Barbeara quoting poetry to his executioner as Rex runs through Mines to save him.

Rex and fellow S.C.C. Soldier, Casper are sent to Blade House Resort in L.A. where they are working undercover to foil the terrorist group, Vile. Rex accidentally blows Casper's cover which results in him being captured and loaded into a Van. Desperate to secure his partner's saftey; Rex engages in a fire fight with the Vile Henchman in the middle of the Resort Pool Area and through the main entrance and lobby.  The shoot out results in the deaths of many innocent bystanders and employees.

The Henchman escape in two vans, Rex chases after them and drives one off the road but leaves it behind in case Casper is in the second, catching up with it, Rex realizes he has caught the wrong van but continues to fight, they both drive into the sea. Rex eventually resurfaces after dispatching off the Henchmen and rushes back to the other van where he finds Casper is gone and more than likley dead.

The mission is a failure and Rex is ordered back home.  Upon returning back to Headquarters; Rex is broken up about Casper's death and feels responsible. Things are made worse when a terrorist group make an attack on the S.C.C.'S Private House which results in two of Rex's co-worker's killed. TANK blame this as a result in Casper being captured and tortured for information on TANK Secrets. Rex is ordered to track down Vile and defuse the situation.

While investigating into Vile, Rex finds plans that have been put into action by Vile to have the Prime Minister assasinated by fellow crime lord and rich business man; Bukkango Stone. Rex intercepts the attempt and exposes Stone to the public. While travelling back to Headquarters he is ambushed by Stone and his men but manages to over power them and force information out of Stone about Vile.

Rex learns that Vile's Main Headquarters is in the Amazon Jungle which directly involves them in several attacks on Hawcross Planes over the past several months which have been traced to the Amazon. Rex, Izzy, Austin, Bobby and Jerry travel to the Amazon where they discover Vile are connected back to the Tanzarian Tribe; a savage but advanced tribe in the outskirts of the Amazon. After an encounter with the tribe, Rex learns that they are being used by the Vile for their various Terrorist Attacks.

He learns that they have obtained confidential information about the British Government and is planning on replacing several members of parliment with imposters, the real members have been killed in the various plane bombings. Vile's plan is to place themselves within the government as members of parliment through many high connections and the Tanzarians are to be killed afterwards.

Rex learns that a second attempt on the Prime Ministers life will take place at New York Airport. Travelling to New York, Rex prevents the assasination and takes down several Tanzarian Tribe Members. Being captured once again, Rex reveals Vile's true nature to the tribe which results in them trying to kill him.  Rex is however rescued by Izzy and Jerry. 

However Jerry is captured in a shootout and Izzy is shot.  Securing Izzy, Rex is told there is no way to rescue Jerry but regardless of his own saftey runs through a mine field in order to catch up with the van.  Saving Jerry, the two engage in a shoot out and take out Vile's Director.  Rex demands to know where Casper is. It is revealed that Vile had nothing to do with the capture of Casper and that his body wasn't in the wreckage or even taken back hostage after the crash.  However, during the encounter at the airport; Rex was slipped a note: "Return to Blade House Resort"

Rex makes his way back to the Resort only to be ambushed upon entry.  It is revealed that the Blade Family, the oweners of the Resort were responsible for retreiving Casper's body from the car wreckage and that their son died during the Shoot Out.  Mr. Blade being a former doctor during the Dark War, he tortured and brainwashed Casper until he willingly gave out informotion about TANK which the Blade Family sold to the Vile Family.

Forced to fight his former friend, Rex engages in a brutal brawl with Casper until he finally manages to break his neck.  Rex is then forced to fight his way through the Blade Family's paid henchmen until he finally gets to the Mother and Father.  Before he can arrest them, the Mother attacks Rex with a knife which forces him to throw her out of a window.  The Father is arrested and sent to Hawcross Prison, cursing Rex's name as he is taken away.


About a year later the S.C.C. are sent by TANK to rescue a group of Explorers that were sent to across the Ocean by Ship to try and make contact with the long isolated Japan but their Ship has been shipwrecked and reporting stress signals.

When the S.C.C. make the dangerous trip to Japan they find the Ship crashed on the shores of Japan.  They immediatley investigate it where they find one survivor locked up in a cage.  The survivor is horribly disfigured and calls himself Hellface.  He tricks Rex, Austin and Jerry into going ashore and leads them to a cave where he claims the rest of teh crew have been locked up inside.  They also find a fountain which Hellface tries to get to but Rex prevents.  Rex and Hellface explore the cave while the other investigate the nearby Town which is derilict.

Things turn bad when Hellface accidentally awakens a wolf like creature called Horrorwing.  Possessing magical powers, Rex evades his attacks and is rescued by his team.  Horrorwing fails to leave the cave and begins provoking Rex, Izzy rushes in to stop Rex and reveals another survivor from the Boat has revealed what happened.  He claims that Horrorwing was a magical creature that was given power by the Fountain but was trapped inside the Cave under a spell forbidding him to leave unless someone willingly gives him permission.  Hellface was given limited power from the Fountain during the Expedition and killed the rest of the crew as well as the Guardian of the Cave.  The Team immediatley leave in their Plane, leaving Horrorwing trapped.

The Team arrive back at Hawcross with


Rex has been described as tall, fairly good looking and friendly although intimidating at the same time; not due to his size but for his vicious attitude he displays. His most prominent feature is described as his eyes which are unnervingly blue and have been said to be able to both overwhelm and frighten people.

Rex's face has been compared to that of actor, Jake Gyllenhall. He's physically fit although not boasting budging muscles, Rex is more slimline and agile with a good physique and fond of showing it off through figure hugging clothes.

Rex loves wearing his Juggernaut Battalion "Soldier" Green Jacket to which he brings with him on every assignment and wears at least once in every book. He normally sports tailored shirts or polo shirts, often accompanied by a neck or bow-tie.  Rex's leg wear trades off between slim fit jeans and chinos or figure hugging trousers. He always sports smart shoes normally black, white or a specific pair of brown leather Winklepickers with Red Laces.  During his time in New World, his clothes are more worn and tattered, looking like items he has taken from dead bodies.  During the Mutant Epidemic, Rex wears a ZOOM Space Suit under his Green Jacket.

By the events of the first book Rex is said to be in his late 20's. His current age has not been determined as there is no specific age stated for him in any book.

Personality and AttitudeEdit

Rex is normally quite friendly upon first encounter and easy to get along with, normally knowing exactly what to say when required to gain someone's confidence.  Rex is ashamed of his part during the Blue War and never brings it up willingly. He pays many compliments to his friends and generally loves to receive them. If not crossed in any way then Rex can be your best friend through his short encounters with people when on an assignment, after which he will never see you again and that's that. He is very official when need be and considers the mission his primary purpose in life at that moment.  Even during his ordeals through In the Darkness through to Evacuate Blackrood High when he is put through hell, he keeps a stiff upper lip and barley lets himself fall under pressure.

Rex also likes to drink, not on a regular basis but when he feels he can. He can handle his drink and enjoys drinking other people under the table. When on duty or on the go, Rex lives on energy drinks and often remarks they are his own heroine addiction. Prone to mood swings, Rex can come across ferocious to anyone who he feels he should have a quarrel with and often lashes out at people who really don't deserve his aggression.

When left alone for long enough; Rex can become incredibly depressed and resorts to socializing with people who he generally hates. Although he is known to get along fine with some co-workers Rex often spends his time watching old movies for hours on end or classic cartoons, something he despises when interrupted.

Rex has an insane sense of humour and is often viewed as being wrong in the head, lacking social graces or just a rude, vulgar sexist. His humour is somewhat reminiscent of Peter Griffin from Family Guy which means Rex often says horrible rude things which both offend people and amuse them. Although his taste in style and humour isn't for everyone's taste he has found close friendships in his co-workers Austin Jarvis, Bobby Tango, Jerry Barbara and Izzy Bragg, the latter of which has been romantically involved with Rex on several occasions. These are also the only people in which Rex has been able to open up with actually communicate what he feels instead of just blurting out rubbish or bare face lying to them.  Rex also once had a close relationship with his old fiend, Paulie Swift and his neighbour Lisa Robson who Rex once had a relationship with.

Another defining characteristic of Rex's is his complete and utter refusal to accept defeat, a trait that carries him into more than his fair share of pain. Rex is brave and true in dire situations and will completely risk everything on something he knows is right. During the Blue War, Rex risked his own life to save over 19 soldiers when the bridge they were on collapsed into a trench and a band of mutant enforcers were advancing on them. Without hesitation; Rex dived into the line of fire and fought off the enemy giving the soldiers enough time to crawl out of the trench and run to safety. In Blade House Resort when Izzy and Jerry were captured and being transported to a torture camp in the back of a van, without a vehicle, Rex ran full steam ahead across a mine field in order to catch up with the van and save his team mates.

During the Mutant Epidemic Rex displayed this quality countless times, for instance in Babylon Vermin when he was saving a group of civilians from a terrorist attack with five of his past enemies closing in, Rex made sure every single civilian was out of the building resulting in himself being too late to escape a beating which left him in a coma.

Attitude towards WomenEdit

Although Rex has been known widely to womanise he isn't exactly one for the ladies. He doesn't seek out companionship and often goes to extreme lengths to avoid it but is never oblivious to the advances of a woman and often engages in sordid love affairs. Any relationships he has formed with woman do not last long and will be done when he sees fit, a point he likes to stress to the woman he's lying down with or befriended.

Rex has many times expressed an extreme hatred for a woman's scream stating it is neither informative or pleasant and therefore "just a loud fucking horrible noise God forgot to get rid off or Evolution loves". Although not a sexist man, Rex does display some bitterness towards woman and often resorts to pathological and mental torture to reduce them to tears and often considers himself above them. Rex contradicts this however when a colleague of his was humiliating a waitress while they were working undercover which led to Rex knocking him out before forcing him to apologize to her.

That said, Rex often teases women and says sexist things just to get a reaction out of them, one quality in which his co-worker and best friend, Izzy Bragg finds endearing and what drove her to his bed.  Rex often states Izzy is the only woman he doesn't treat as a woman as she is impervious to his games and their sexual activities is a given without him having to engage in any form of chase.

Rex is not beyond hitting women although he does not condone it. He treats a female enemy to ZOOM with as much violence and aggression as he would a male; however he would treat a civilian woman with nothing but mild aggression if she were to upset him but never raise his hand to one. There is one specific incident in which Rex has mistreated a civilian woman physically in which a female police officer who had accidentally hindered him from catching a perp mocked him. Rex responded violently and punched the woman to the ground.

Friendships and RelationshipsEdit

Rex's relationship with Izzy is somewhat questionable as he has stated on several occasions it is nothing but physical and he puts on a friendly face to get into her pants. However on many other instances he has expressed a true longing for her and actual feelings which he doesn't necessarily consider to be love but something as good as. That being said; Rex is best friends with Izzy and would much rather sit at his or her flat watching movies or playing football with her than actually engaging in sexual intercourse although when they do it isn't always out of any feeling of love at the time but sexual attraction or just boredom. The two share a similar sense of humour and often embarrass or jab at each other.

With everything he has said about Izzy he is still very capable of hatred towards her and complete indifference when she has expressed feelings of love either for him or someone else, something Rex cannot understand. Rex has reduced Izzy to tears several times just to see her emotions play out or when across purposes. Rex however was the only one of his co-workers to rescue Izzy from being assassinated during "Silver Creeping" and broke ZOOM rules by bursting into a ZOOM interrogation of Izzy when she was brought to tears for killing a co-worker by accident so that he could comfort her. Rex even beat a man to a pulp for calling Izzy a whore and slapping her when she refused his advances.

His friendships with Austin Jarvis, Jerry Barbeara and Bobby Tango are very similar in the sense that he enjoys actually spending time with them and would endanger his own life if it meant their safety.  Rex recognizes a certain bond between the four and often revels on their efforts to back him up in situations that would cause them to be in trouble with their commanding officer.

Teddy Conway; Rex's Commanding ZOOM Officer often sees Rex as "a comic book thug with an extended back story". He often claims to his officials that Rex was the last part of the jigsaw in putting together his S.C.C. Unit and that he becomes more proud of him each day. This relationship is strained however whenever Rex acts out and results in the two squaring off.  Rex has stated that he admires Teddy but prefers not to call him by name so that he doesn't think of him as a friend in which case he would just punch him in his face or become too close with him.

His relationship with a reoccurring nemesis; Joshua Dance is on neutral basis.  Rex considers Joshua to be his mirror opposite and gladly duels with him when ever they encounter.  They often joke to one another while trying to kill each other and have on occasion backed each other up from other threats. One one such occasion when the bridge they were fighting on caught fire, Joshua pulled Rexx off of it so they could continue to fight. When ever they meet they often have an exchange of flattery between them as to the results of their previous encounter or as to whom Joshua is currently working for.

Fighting Styles and AbilitiesEdit

Being a skilled brawler, Rex has no trouble taking out his enemies provided the number isn't ridiculous. Rex's fighting style is completely self made and follows no specific style which results in Rex sometimes throwing punches at no one or someone he didn't even know was sneaking up behind him, meaning eventually Rex will take down the 5 or 6 people surrounding him despite sometimes looking stupid while doing so.

Rex displays a rather violent attitude and often commits down right acts of violence which would more or less be considered brutal acts of murder. Rex at one point beat a rapist's head into nothing more but bone and piles of mush into the ground resulting in his hands becoming swollen and broken for months, something Rex described as worth it. He even at one point broke a female assassin's leg with a sledge hammer when she tried to stab him. Rex is also prone to mood swings and often turns into a ferocious monster when need be. He often goes over the top and on one occasion couldn't fight off a henchman so resorted to gouging out his eyes. Once he was dead Rex recoiled and threw up, his whole attitude changing for several hours afterwards. Rex is very fond of shooting people as he states it "prevents him from looking at their faces when they go."

Rex has shown on dozens of occasions that he can take a beating mainly so when he is brawling with B. A. Dixon on a falling plane during "Blade House Resort" where he takes a considerable amount of punches from the super soldier as well as his fight with Richmond during "Evacuate Witches Falls". Even more so in "Babylon Vermin" when he is ganged up on by several of his past enemies; one of which being cybernetically enhanced. Despite being defeated he still managed to make a comeback.

Work for Her MajestyEdit

After the Blue War, being a veteran Soldier; Rex was utilized by the English Government and became a low level "bodyguard" for special operations.  First being stationed on several duties around London, Rex was later sent to the Amazon Jungle to protect a group of Scientists.  When asked about his thoughts of his new job Rex would just stare or give a brief "Fuck off" to however was concerned.  Not feeling excited by anything since the Blue War or his involvement in the Starving/Tahmm Gang War; Rex expressed complete boredom having to look after a bunch of table jockeys and would often find his own ways to amuse himself.

After his involvement in "Prisoner 16 Fiasco", Rex was then "promoted" as a high ranking security officer working on high profile security situations which Rex seemed to relish as it utilized his fighting skills as many of his clients would have assassination attempts made on their lives.  Rex would always use this job as a mean to meet girls and often flirt with his clients or their wives.

However when things went tits up and Rex was accused of the murder of the Prime Minister and his family, Rex went into full defence and would constantly beg for people to believe his story, something he couldn't understand why people were so unwilling to believe.  Rex often brings this up to this day when queried about it and will become quite violent when the matter is used as a joke as it caused Rex quite an ordeal, lasting five books before the charges were dropped.

Work for ZOOMEdit

Although Rex seems to relish working for such a company that gives him permission to do what he seems fit; he also relishes it. He has stated he hates any form of authority and openly mocks his commanding officer. Rex doesn't seem to be able to communicate to most of his co-workers and completely ignores them. He often finds ways to be "escorted" from ZOOM meetings and often avoids anything that isn't mission assignments.

Mission Assignments is the only time in which Rex actually expresses his thoughts. A typical M.A. requires all S.C.C. Soldiers to be in attendance if not already on an assignment. Each Soldier is assessed on their capacity to handle each specific case and consequently get to battle on their behalf for the case they wish to take. Rex often becomes more respectful during this time and leaves with what he wants.

Rex often gets into fights with his fellow co-workers and normally leaves them unconscious. He often gets wound up at ZOOM's main division's view of the S.C.C. division and him in particular. Due to his past and being a former criminal; Rex is seen as no more than a thug and a murderer. When Rex has had assignments which entail co-operating with ZOOM members of other divisions he falls into arguments over the point of his job being that he's just a murderer given permission to kill.

The BooksEdit

  1. Psychodom!
  2. The Starving Bloodlust
  3. Prisoner 16
  4. In the Darkness
  5. Dark Days
  6. Blue Monday
  7. Keeping Our Sins
  8. Evacuate Blackrood High
  9. Evacuate the Riot Island
  10. Witches Falls
  11. Blade House Resort
  12. Horrorwing
  13. Silver Creeping
  14. Legion's End
  15. Babylon Vermin