Mutants are a Sub Species of the Human Race of Hwcross.  Originating from Blue City, the Mutants were the result of Millions of Humans being caught in an Atomimic Blast or it's Fallout.  

The Mutants bare typical Human characteristics but with minor to suvere deformity, sometimes making them stronger, sometimes giving them a handicap or even offering some superhuman abilities..  Mutants are a broad range, many of them are more Human, baring their previous intelligence, others are raving lunatics or dim witted killers.

The Majority of the Mutants lived behind the Walls of Blue City, living their own lives before the Vile War which resulted in thousands of Mutants escaping out into the rest of Hawcross, living as Scavengers and Murderers.


Mutants are a subrace of the Humans. They were once Humans lving in the Country of Blue City as the Workers and Miners for all of Hawcross. Originating from all over the Planet, the Blue City Government grew bitter and resentful of the rest of Hawcross and began terrorist attacks on America. In response, America dropped a Nucclear Warhead within the City Centre in a bid to bring an end to the attacks.

Although efefctive in killing hundreds of Blue City residents, thousands were caught in the nuclear fallout and were subjected to mutation as consequence. Based on the subjects distance from the Explosion, people were deformed in varying degrees. The furthest away only received mild symptoms such as blistering of the skin, swelled limbs and even telekenisis and/or telepathy while closer residents were deformed beyond belief. The closest to the attack that escaped obliteration were mutated into horrid creatures, their skin changing colour, their bodies twisted out of shape, some receiving immese strength while others received bodies so ruined they couldn't even walk or speak. At least half of the percentage changed went insane due to the trauma done to them, many turned into violent beastial creatures that developed a taste for their fellow human being. One such mutation turned a single man into a giant reptillian like creature' equal in size to that of an elephant. Another extreme case was that of eight different people that were mutated into one sentient form.

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