Manta Beasts Warrior

A Warrior Manta Beast

The Manta Beasts are a Biologically Engineered Race created by the Gibson as a weapon against the Dyneffians.  There are two different breeds of Mantas, the first are known as the Warriors, being made soley to kill and destroy anything in their path, they have minimal freedom to think for themselves and are extremely hostile.  The second are known as the Sneakers who were created to act as the Brains behind enemy lines.  The Sneakers are much less intimidating, sporting a slimmer body and no carnivorous tendencies.  The Sneakers are infused with a Gibson Interface into their brains, with Gibson Scientists giving them directions, allowing them to hack into enemy computers and operate machinery.  A large fraction of Mantas were stolen by the Bletrics and used as an extermination squad against their enemies.

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