Forrest is modelled after actor Bryan Cranston

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In the early 30's Forrest was an American Soldier and a true Patriot.  Forrest was selected along with several other soldiers to be experimented on by the American Government.  They were all exposed to radiation from a Comet that had been found over 20 years ago.  Succesfully, Forrest and his fellow soldiers had all become supermen, being able to fly, use strumendous ammounts of strength, endure countless bullets and flames and apparent immortality.

By the 40's, the Soldiers were named the Gibson and active during WWII.  Forrest nicknamed "the Hornet" as he fought the good fight.  During the War, America became aware of underground Creatures living in the vastness of the Oceans.  To stop them from atatcking his precious country, Forrest elected himself to battle them on their own terms, a battle that would see Forrest deep in the core of the Earth for the next 80 years, leaving behind his beloved wife Jessica.

Dead Men Walking

After dedicating so much of his life to protecting his home, Forrest had finally killed all the creatures that threatened his world.  Travelling back into the Oceans and pulling himself onto Land, Forrest was horrified to what he found; Hawcross, the war worn leftovers of the world he left behind.  Forrest returned expecting medals and parades in his honour, but found he had been forgotten by everyone and that things had changed greatly in his absense.  Discovering that the rest of the Gibson had been disbanded due to public fear over their powers and had all been ordered to take on alternate forms in order to blend in and never use their powers again.  Forrest was thanked for his "apparent" triumph and service but told he would simply have to adapt to this new world and simply live a normal life.

Forrest firstly refused to change into an alternate form but agreed to never use hsi powers again.  Forrest became infuriated with the idea of Hawcross, hating the fact that England and America was now one and his patriotism now meant nothing to Hawcross.  Having to get a job and not being allowed to find his wife Jessica (also a Gibson), Forrest began acting hostile towards many british citizens of Hawcross and even stormed into the White House and demanded to know why America tolerates being one with England.

After many weeks of depression, Forrest was walking through New York City when he noticed a British born Police Officer arresting a Criminal and suddenly became furious, hurling himself at the Officer and simply tearing him in two.  All citizens suddenly began to panic and ran away from Forrest who now took to the Skies.

Dead Man's Justice

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