Dominic Simms is modeled after actor Robert Downey Jr.

Dominic Simms is a character created by Dan J. Hawkins.  He is an antagonist and has been featured in three books, first appearing in "Blade House Resort".  Dominic was the former leader of the Vile Terrorist Group and was plotting to take over the british and american governments.  He later struck a deal with Horrorwing and the Mutant Uprising but was inevitably betrayed as their ends did not allign.


Blade House Resort

Dominic first appeared as the head of the Vile Terrorist Organization.  Although not seen, it is revealed that Dominic and his organization have been killing off many Government politicians and making it look liek accidents.  With their connections they would then replace the politicians and take control of both the American and British Government.

While at his base of operations in the Amazon Rainforest, Dominic is informed that the S.C.C. (Second Chance Criminals) have stormed his base of operations and are causing troubles.  Dominic has Chucky Wonder caught and brought into his office where he attempts to intimidate him.  Dominic also reveals he has been using the Tanzarian Tribe to do most of his assasinations.  Eventually Chucky manages to escape and regroup with the rest of the S.C.C.

Later while over seeing the assasination of the British Primeminister at New York Airport his team is again thwarted by the S.C.C.  When Dominic attempts to flee with Jerry Barbera as a hostage, Chucky again manages to thwart his plan and crashes Dominic's Van.  Dominic however manages to escape to an undisclosed location.


Domic later appears as the leader of Vile.  Having hacked into TANK's secure phone lines he has discovered that TANK have discovered a possible threat situated in the long closed off Japan.

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