Bobby Tango is designed after actor Cillian Murphy

Bobby Tango is a fictional character created by Dan J. Hawkins. He has appeared in 5 of Hawkins' books. Not much about his past is revealed but he is currently a secret division "Soldier" working for TANK in their S.C.C. Unit (Second Chance Criminals).  Bobby is first introduced in "Evacuate the Riot Island" and has been a main supporting character ever since.  Bobby has also proven to be efficient in "Mutant Hunting" which he considers a sport and offers a somewhat insane view on life.


Bobby was born in Ireland to a wealthy family.  When he was ten years old his family were all murdered during a home invasion that went horribly wrong.  Bobby was put into foster care shorlty after this and went to all the best schools that money could buy.  Later on in life at the age of twenty, Bobby travelled back to his home town of Ireland.  He searched public records and located his Family's Murders.  Individually he brutally murdered them all.

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