Austin is modelled after actor Michael Fassbender

Austin Jarvis is a fictional character created by Dan J. Hawkins. He has appeared in 5 of Hawkins' books. He is Rex Lincoln's best friend and a secret division "Soldier" working for TANK in their S.C.C. Unit (Second Chance Criminals).  Austin is first introduced in "Evacuate the Riot Island" and has been a main supporting character ever since.


Austin grew up in Ireland and later moved to England at a young age.  His life up until his early 20's was uneventful until he was employed as a Chef in a higher class resteraunt.  It was in the coming months when his mother and father divorced, his father murdering his mother in a fit of rage and committing suicide that Austin's life began to crumble.  With his fiancee cheating on him and trouble at work, one day when criticized by a customer; Austin attacked and beat the man unconcious.  Fighting off several other customers and his co workers, Austin slashed his boss' throat.

Austin was immediatley arrested and soon later sent to prison for life.  While in prison he came across his father who had become the alpha male among the other inmates.  After several weeks of being beaten by his father, Austin managed to beat his father in battle.  Things took a turn for the worse however when the other inmates murdered his father in his sleep, this caused Austin to go into a depression.

After only two years in prison, Austin took a stand and began breaking up prison riots, attempted murders and break outs.  After recieving nothing but grief from the prison guards, Austin wanted out and used all the failed break out attempts for his benifit and managed to escape.  Living on the road for four years with nothing but his motorcycle and a shotgun; Austin became a vigilante and tried to make up for the crimes of his past.  Eventually he was tricked by the police and arrested, however instead of being sent down, he confronted by Teddy Conway, A TANK Operative and director of the experimental S.C.C. (Second Chance Criminals) Unit.  Austin was recruited into this unit along with other criminals: Rex Lincoln, Izzy Bragg, Bobby Tango and Jerry Barbera.

Escape from the Riot Island

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